Last updated: September 19th, 9:25am CET


Below, you'll find the latest updates regarding COVID-19. I'll update it each time I have a relevant new piece of information to share with you. Never ever hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!
• Your orders are still very welcome and I'm still sewing them as soon as I get them. I'm working on my own from home so social distancing is definitely respected at all time in my workshop!
• Nothing is coming into my workshop that hasn't been either disinfected thoroughly or been in long enough for the virus to be non-existent.
• Orders are usually sewn and leave the workshop within 1-2 weeks.
• Shipping within Europe operates as normal again.
• Delays may happen to destinations outside EU. At the time being, it is not possible to estimate how long exactly.
• A shipping option with DHL is available for international destinations I can't ship to  with postal services. It is much more expensive but they do deliver almost everywhere in much shorter delays.
• Every lingerie order is shipped with a free mask. Reusable face masks are also available for purchase.
• Digital gift cards are still available and they’re still great if you want to shop for later or if you want to treat someone!
• Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!


Thank you so much for supporting my small shop! Stay safe and wash your hands!đź’•


I'm still sewing and shipping one free mask with every lingerie order! They're the basic 2 layers kind, with or without opening depending on what I have available.
It doesn't matter how many items or for how much you order, as soon as you order lingerie from me, you will get a free mask from me.

Thank you for your support during those challenging times đź’ž

Free worldwide shipping on all orders over 200€


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