To me, clothes and, by extension, lingerie can have much more potential than what we usually allow them to have and I really hate how they tend to be seen as super replaceable. I find it super sad that most of the time, they are produced to create a trend (or respond to one) which will start dying as soon as it is born. Fast fashion giants throw us in new currents every 3 weeks or so, pushing us to see and treat textile goods as unimportant and extremely replaceable, often leading us to eventually dispose of them ages before they should actually be thrown away.

I’m diligently trying to make things differently through my collections by proposing an alternative not only by designing pieces that you can incorporate into your own style(s) rather than pushing you to follow a momentary trend, and by producing almost exclusively to order since forever which not only allow me to occasionally customise my designs to better meet your expectations but also definitely helps me to reduce waste.


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