To me, clothes and, by extension, lingerie can have much more potential than what we usually allow them to have and I really hate how they tend to be seen as super replaceable. I find it super sad that most of the time, they are produced to create yet another trend (or just to respond to one) which will start dying as soon as it is born. Fast fashion giants throw us in new currents every 3 weeks or so, pushing us to see and treat textile goods as unimportant and extremely replaceable, often leading us to eventually dispose of them ages before they should actually be thrown away.

I’m diligently trying to make things differently through my collections by proposing an alternative not only by designing pieces that you can incorporate into your own style(s) rather than pushing you to follow a momentary trend, and by producing to order since forever which not only allow me to occasionally customise my designs to better meet your expectations but also definitely helps me to reduce waste.


At work as well as on a more personal level, I’m always and have always been super committed to doing whatever I can to reduce my ecological footprint.
I’m continuously making sure I’m buying supplies from manufacturers that are as local as possible and I carefully select the high quality supplies that will allow me to make you high quality lingerie which will last for long.
No matter if it’s personal or professional waste, I always recycle everything that can be recycled. But I first try not to produce any waste start with: every meter of fabric is cut in order to get the most of it and not even a few centimetres per meter actually ends up in the bin.
Another way I strive to be more sustainable is by producing the lingerie to order, you will find more about this below because besides being sustainable, making to order has other advantages which deserve to be explored on its own!
Sustainability is a complex subject which has passionated me since I’m a teenager and I do know it’s something you can always do better at, so I always warmly welcome feedback on this topic.

Producing in MY own WORKSHOP

All the lingerie you buy from my online shop is made by myself from my own workshop. When I took the plunge to make a living out of my passion, I faced many dilemmas when it came to how to get things produced: I really wanted to be able to insure the lingerie was made as fairly and ethically as possible but getting all the designs made locally was nearly impossible not only because there are only a few factories still producing lingerie left in Europe but also because not every factory makes all types and designs of underwear. Not to mention it would have been extremely pricey and I didn’t want my collections to be reserved only to an elite. Having my own workshop seemed to be an excellent alternative to getting the lingerie manufactured for me so I build one at home and have brought it along with me to every place I’ve lived in since! Through this way of doing, I can also propose to my customers services dear to my heart but unfortunately too rare: lot of sizes, customisation of sizes or designs and the possibility to have a one of a kind piece made for them.


All the lingerie you purchase from my shop is made to order not only because I want you to feel as unique as the pieces I make but also because I don’t believe in mass producing in the long term. I think that small production or, even better, to order production are the true future and the only way to produce rationally.
I took this commitment when I first started to sew lingerie for a living and there are a few different reasons behind it, the main one being sustainability as you don’t produce much waste when you only produce what people do actually want. The fashion industry is one of the industries which produces the most waste on our planet and producing to order drastically reduce this waste by not creating unnecessary stock.
Another great advantage of sewing your lingerie to order is that even though I’m a small indie creator, I can offer a range of 7 different sizes to my customers as well proposing every single item made to measure. I’m honoured by anyone interested by my designs and I’d hate for sizing to stand between you and them.
Making lingerie to order also allows me to custom not only the sizing but also my designs to make one of a kind items.