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For Valentine's Day orders, place your order by the following dates AT THE LATEST (but the sooner, the better):
• Jan. 24th for outside EU
• Feb. 1st for EU
• Feb. 6th for Belgium


Orders are made and dispatched within the next 2 weeks following reception of your payment. Every single order is dispatched as soon as possible.
It usually takes about 4 working days for an order to reach its destination within Europe. Outside Europe, it usually takes 2 weeks. Delays can vary depending on the time of the year, your exact location, weather conditions, etc. 

All shipments are sent through postal services as registered first-class mail (PRIOR), the fastest registered service I have available. All orders are shipped with a tracking number.
Any additional taxes or import duties are the responsibility of the buyer and have not been included in the shipping charges.  

>120€ 120€ - 200€ 200€<
Belgium 6.70€ FREE FREE
Rest of Europe 12.40€ 16.80 FREE
Rest of the World 13€ 17.90€ FREE
Occasionally, shipping is less expensive than expected. You'll be reimbursed of the balance if it's is over 0.50€ once the shipment is on its way.
Due to the very intimate nature of lingerie, all sales are final.


Check out the frequently asked questions about shipping here.

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