I've learned to sew at the age 15 in Brussels, Belgium where I'm from. After an internship with a seamstress, I designed and made my first own pair of knickers at 19. The following year, I moved to London where I followed a few different short courses at the London College of Fashion (“Customised pattern cutting and fitting”, “Sewing: Professional finishing and fitting”, “Fashion History: The Evolution Of Style” and “Introduction to fashion brand management”). Two years later, in 2011, I felt confident enough to start selling my creations so I launched my first collection of knickers. But back then, I didn't live from it and was able to buy the lingerie supplies I needed only thanks to side jobs: I waited a lot of tables, worked as a sale assistant and used all the money left once my rent paid to invest in my dream job. Arrived a point where I had too many work not to have to make a choice between my side jobs and my dream one. My knickers had good feedback from the people who bought them, so I followed my heart! Since then I kept (and will keep!) creating bigger, better collections of lingerie and I haven't stopped making cheeky underthings since then!
To me, clothes and, by extension, lingerie can have much more potential than what we usually allow them to have and I really hate how they tend to be seen as super replaceable. I find it super sad that most of the time, they are produced to create a trend (or respond to one) which will start dying as soon as it is born. Fast fashion giants throw us in new currents every 3 weeks or so, pushing us to see and treat textile goods as unimportant and extremely replaceable, often leading us to eventually dispose of them ages before they should actually be thrown away.

I’m diligently trying to make things differently through my collections by proposing an alternative not only by designing pieces that you can incorporate into your own style(s) rather than pushing you to follow a momentary trend, and by producing almost exclusively to order since forever which not only allow me to occasionally customise my designs to better meet your expectations but also definitely helps me to reduce waste.


Lingerie is much more than pretty undergarments to me, it's a way to feel free in a world that doesn't always want you to and while I know the sexual aspect of lingerie is what it is usual known for (I think it can definitely be an enjoyable side of it!), I do believe everyone is a multifaceted being and that lingerie is a way to express yourself. 

That's why my designs come in different shapes and forms, to match different tastes and styles. And sometimes they have been inspired by a certain nostalgia for the past, while sometimes they are much more modern, sometimes they are playful, and sometimes more concerned about fitting in our everyday lives.

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