There are definitely a few things I want to talk about in this blog post, first of, even though I'm getting a bit more regular at updating this part of my website, because it's been two weeks since the last one and because a decent amount of things happened during that time, but also because the summer and the sun just makes me want to share more :)

And first thing I have to share are these beautifully shot pictures of Blue Regard by La Fille Renne. They feature the Marie harness with a set from the model's own collection. They spontaneously added the harness to their shoot which made my heart melt and makes me so proud to share. If you get a chance, go have a look at their instagrams and leave click on a heart or two, I'm sure it is going to be appreciated!



I also have some news from the garden, where things have been growing. I want to use some of the zucchini flowers to try to make fried zucchini blossoms but I heard they're very hard to make, so I cut only half a dozen for now. There are still like ten more that I can choose to let grow if I'm not successful with the recipe! And I can't wait for the peppers too :)

It's not that usually crazy hot around here but it seems like the summer has actually just recently started and you kind of never know for how long the weather is going to be nice so I've been doing my best to get the most of it so far! I always try to get as much sun as possible, even if it's only for 10 minutes, I'll feel my body being grateful already. However, I have really thin hair and I paid myself a visit to Lush last week to get a refill of Jasmina & Henna Fluff Ease, as I was actually out for so long and my head needed a proper treatment. I got it along with the Montalbano shampoo bar, I love it, I think it gives even a better wash (and for longer) than Jumping Jumper. I will soon get the New bar too but right now as it is hot I felt like cleaning my hair really well. The sale assistant gave me a couple of testers of Roots, another hair treatment. It's not strong enough for my hair that tends to break easily and needs the strong stuff on the long term but it's definitely a nice feeling on the scalp! I also can't help loving how fancy and beautifully printed their little catalogues always are :)


I also treated myself with these cuties from Mid Summer Blooms. I haven't worn the leaves yet but the bees, they are almost every day on my head. I was looking for a long time for something to hold my hair back that was different than a regular bow or some the usual flowers and they're just perfect to fulfil that wish!

I hope you find ways to treat yourself too :) For me that also meant (and still means) spending as much time away from the internet as possible. Don't get me wrong: I love the internet, it's somehow my workplace, where I made a lot of friends, having access to a ton of info at anytime can be real great and I live for silly cat vids but lately, it was just hard to connect to anything (website, social media,...) for longer that work requested me to. I smile when I remember how active I used to be on Twitter for example, (some could say I was never *that* active and I do realize I always was less connected than other people my age but hey) but truth be told there are a lot of matters I don't know what to say about anymore. While I'm redefining what I consider my safe space, I'm grateful that I used to be that person tho because it made me meet more people to actually bound with that I believe I'd have otherwise.

That choice being made, I spent much more of my free time with friends and family, in Brussels but also I've also been wandering around the rest of Belgium as this city is for me far of being always synonym of fun. And for the first time since I left Sweden, I felt like maybe it's going to be all okay after all, I had be longing to feel this feeling again.


Last but not least, I've updated the selection of products on the frontpage with the items you preferred this last weeks. I'm so happy you enjoy the latest collection so much, some items are already really low "in stock" and I'm planning on cutting the last bit of this fabric this week, meaning I will decide of the last designs/sizes that will be made but I haven't yet so do let me know what you'd like to see ;)

Have fun until next time xx
- Sacha


Photography with the Pandora Harness by La Fille Renne, the model is Blue Regard.
The two pictures of the hair pins are from Mid Summer Blooms.
All other pictures featured in this post are personal pictures.
July 24, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes

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