I'm super grateful for all the attention I get, every single share or like makes my heart go boom but I hold a special place in it for my customers: they're making my ideal life possible, they help me improve myself and my work, and some have supported me for a very long time now!
As I had run out of the pocket mirrors I used to put with orders some time ago, I thought of ordering new ones and making something special for the occasion! After I tweeted about this, I decided for a collab with Lavie Eibel and Avalon Lewis. I didn't have anything precise in mind but I wanted it to reflect my lines and I just didn't wanted to be logo-like as it was what I had before, I think they succeeded really well into showing something original! You will recognise many of my pieces on them as well as a reference to a picture by Mademoiselle Chérie of Métaux Lourds wearing my lingerie <3

Design by Lavie Eibel
I will put one of them with all the orders (I've actually already started to do so!) to give you a little something extra when you shop my lingerie <3

Thank you so much for being there! XoXo
- Sacha
August 10, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes

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