After explaining a bit more about shipping during the holiday period last week, I'm thinking it's good to follow with letting you know more about the details of making a return. I'm going to start this post with a maybe unfortunate news, but starting 2017, I won't take returns anymore. I have after all very few of them and I came to realize most of them could have been avoided, not to mention even though I've made a system for them, they are extra time. And I'm planning to use that time wisely, I'll talk about it in another post but I think you'll be happy about it :) So basically I'm going to bet on more info and communication before buying and less return work, while staying open to fix an occasional need for another size. But for now, I still gladly take your returns and nothing changes to the process until 2017 so the following applies to all order made until Dec. 31st included.


We never want to have to return something but you might be buying for someone, or you're just not sure which size to get, or maybe you're between sizes and you would like to try one of the sizes from the size chart before considering custom size. All orders made by the end of the year will have a return form with them. You're very welcome to use it, I will make you a return credit to spend on something else in the shop. 


How to Do It
You pack the return form with the piece(s) you're returning and you mark which one(s) on it. It's all pre-filled and you have the address where to return it to on it as well.

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Time Limit
There's the date by which you have to ship your return written in bold on the return form, make sure it's on the way bythat date! It's basically 3 weeks after the shipping date, with some exceptions for Christmas purchases.
Then the store credit is valid with no time limit.


Store Credit
It is given as a code you can spend on the entire shop. It has the value of what you spent for what you are returning including the discount if there is any. For example, if you used 20% off discount code on a 65€ pair of knickers, your return code will have a value of 52€ so you may not benefit from the same offer you did on your first purchase.
You can apply only one code per order but return codes are valid forever.


Placing a New Order
Once you received your return code, go shopping for the size and/or design you'd like as a replacement and add it to your cart, then at checkout apply the code in the "Discount" section and place your new order.
Please note that stock availability may change.


Finding the Right Size
I'll usually refer you to my size chart and a few helpful links when I email you your return code, feel free to ask away any questions you have in order to find the right size for you this time <3


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As always, I'm available for any questions you may have!


- Sacha
November 24, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes
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