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I hope you had/are having wonderful Christmas holidays and that your 2017 started happily! I was planning on blogging way more lately and on posting this a while ago but the craziness of the Christmas period took that away... Anyway, there is something I really want to talk a bit more in details: the "stock". Especially that as I told you in a blog post a few weeks ago, I don't take returns anymore but would trade it for a good news which is from now on, the custom made items don't come at an extra cost anymore. It still takes me a bit of extra time but I decided to no longer charge for it.
As you know, I make all the lingerie you purchase, either here or on my Etsy shop. Sometimes, I can just reorder supplies, but sometimes I was only able to buy a limited amount of these and can't make more of the design. This way of working brings occasionally a few questions, you may have some yourself about the "stock". So, how long it takes to make an item and so on, here are a few answers!


What's the Stock
Since all the lingerie is made to order (which means I make it once you have placed your order), literally speaking, there is no stock. I made my sewing studio at home and don't have a warehouse full of stock. So by "in stock", you should understand available to order. Basically, almost everything is listed in every size at all time because I can make almost everything, even in custom, except what I don't have the supplies for. 

Out of Stock

When an item is out of stock, that means that either I have to restock the supplies or that I can't get the supplies anymore. A "Email me when available" button appears if I can still get the supplies to make a specific design, it gives me a notification that someone wants it and when I've put it back in stock, it gives you a notification that it's back.
If that button doesn't appear, chances are it's not possible for me to make more of that item. However, before that happens, I usually put it in the Last Chance category, to give you an opportunity to buy it before it's gone forever!

Producing Time
It of course depends on how busy I am. Orders are usually dispatched within 2-3 weeks. You can read this page to check out the current dispatch time. However, I won't tell you in advance the exact date your order is going to be dispatched since it would be insanely time consuming as I'd be the only person to do it for all the orders. You have to look up 2-3 weeks from the time you made your order and it will be dispatched at that time.
Once your order is on its way to you, you receive an email letting you know.
Why it takes so long to make
Every single order is dispatched as soon as possible. I've never ever forgotten someone's order or delayed a dispatch for no good reason, but it does take time. The first reason is because lingerie is a type of goods that takes time to make, it's just how it is and there is no way around especially if you want it well made. You just can't expect it to be done in the blink of an eye. 
Secondly, I'm very likely to have orders before yours. All orders are processed accordingly to the date they arrived.

If you're really feeling impatient, remember that I'm making the pieces just for you and be reassured that it won't take longer than the dispatch time announced.

Custom Orders
As mentioned before I've rearranged my way of working by stopping spending time on returns and not charging extra for custom made anymore. Also, custom made items won't take longer to make due to that reorganisation, they will be dispatch within 2-3 weeks like anything else. So, really, feel free to add me your measurements at checkout ;)


I hope this post helps you understand how I work! Often, I feel like everyone is delighted to get something so precious as handmade lingerie but only a few accept that it takes time... Hopefully, more will now :)

Take care until next time!

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