Christmas is getting closer and closer, Black Friday weekend is right around the corner and since lingerie is always a good idea, I thought it was about time to write a lil blog post about shipping for Christmas. As you know, I'm the one making all the lingerie and while I do love and appreciate the extra work the holiday season brings, it's often a time of the year when I have a lot of new customers, not all used to handmade goods, who order thinking that it will be dispatch the day after and that they will receive it a few days after. It can be an honest mistake to believe it's how it's going to happen, but it's simply not realistic so here is a few things to keep in mind if you want to receive your order on time for Christmas :)


1. Check out the last order dates.
Here are the last dates to order and expect your lingerie to arrive on time under the tree. They depend on where you live since your order has to travel from where I'm located (in Brussels, Belgium) to you. All shipments are already sent as priority mail so there isn't any stretch I can propose there and all the general info about shipping can be find here.

I always do my absolute best to post it ASAP but my plate is likely to be already full or the time simply too short for your order to reach you by December 24th...



2. Your order is made just for you, like all orders!
I guess this is what brings a lot of you here. Let's be honest, you pay more money for my lingerie that you'd do for a lot "off the racks" stuff: you know that since it's only my two hands working, you will get something waaaay more limited than anything coming from a larger brand. I will personally make the lingerie for you, once you placed your order, and what you'll receive will be rare and precious. However, you have to allow the time for it to happen...
I get that Christmas is an exciting time where to-do lists pill up and that we can't wait for some stuff to be done, but don't worry as I'm pretty much the same, so I won't just wait around to dispatch your order and if it's not done yet, it's just because I have to finish the ones placed before yours ;) But don't worry, it's far from the first year I do this and I got it. Just place your order by the dates above and everything will be fine!


3. Supplies don't always last forever...
I wish I had a endless stock of supplies, really, or the possibility to go run errands at any time of the day or that I could know precisely what I'm going to be ordered in the next weeks to plan exactly accordingly, but again I have to face some realities here: I do not have the space nor the ressources to stock supplies like a big manufacturer does, my days are reserved to sewing until Christmas meaning that supplies shopping is almost all done now and yes, I can have an idea of what's going to be more requested but I don't read the future.
Also, the closer we get to the limit dates, the less choices and options I'll have: not only will the time be limited but I'll have used most of my supplies on previous orders.


4. It's not to annoy you, it's to make things feasible ;)
Some people understand all that really well, then some people would have done things completely differently and don't see the sense behind all this. It's ok but because I have to make all those stuff and that I have only 24 hours in my day and all, I have to fix a way to work to have anything happening at all.
That said, if you don't understand something, ask away :) I don't have the habit (nor the time) to do things to annoy people and I'm not saying it takes about 5-15 working days to make an order to mess with your plans: it's because it's how long it takes. So really, please, don't place an order thinking it will be worked on in a different way that i explained it would as it's likely to be impossible for me to do things differently (also, I don't read people's minds ;) ).



I hope this gives a bit more of details, answer some questions and as always, the comments section is open to all!


- Sacha
November 19, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes

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