Sacha Kimmes X Sabrina Sako Giveaway
It's been a while that, with Sabrina Sako, we would like to propose you a giveaway and I'm so so glad the Valentine's Day craziness is well over to be able to finally do it! Sabrina is not only my friend, she is also a model in her spare time and she has a lovely blog too. It is mostly about Paris and while it is written in French, there are plenty of beautiful and inspiring pictures to admire! 

This giveaway is happening on Instagram. We will offer any item of your choice from the Petit Chat Collection, in any size (even custom).  To enter, follow these instructions:

- Follow both @sabrinasako@sachakimmes
- Post the picture at the bottom of this post (the one of Sabrina and I in the lingerie with "Sacha Kimmes X Sabrina Sako" written on it) on Instagram.
- Use the hashtag #sachaxsako and tag @sabrinasako & @sachakimmes in the caption (I insist: in the caption).

For this to happen smoothly and fairly, we've also set a few rules. The winner will be picked amongst participants who respect them:
- One entry per account. No contest/fake accounts.
- Ends on Saturday, March 5th Midday CET.
- If your Instagram account is private, we do not see your participation. If you're private and want to participate, go public on Saturday Midday CET. 
- Please make sure to tag us in the caption, not on the picture itself. Otherwise, it displays the same photo over and over in the "pictures of me" section which is just annoying ;)
- The winner will be picked at random, contacted on Instagram and will have 2 weeks to pick a price. If you don't, we'll ask some other participant.
- The price is one item from the Petit Chat Collection, without value or size limitation.
- It cannot be "refunded" or exchanged, even partially, for cash, services, a voucher or an other item.
- Open internationally!
- Please allow the usual dispatch time for your price to be made and to arrive.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below :)

We wish good luck to everyone!

Photo Credit: La Fille Renne

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