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Previously this month I had a sale on the already made lingerie which logically excluded the custom size section since it's super rare that I have anything custom made "in stock" for obvious reasons. While I really wanted to make that cleaning sale, I also would like offer my lingerie at a friendly price to anyone, even if the finished product needs a bit of extra work, so I thought of a way to arrange my work to make it reasonable for me to do so and I'm happy to propose you 20% off the custom made lingerie with the code 20OFFCUSTOM until August 31st Midnight CET. But this post isn't only about this promotion, I also intend to answer the questions I sometimes get about custom sizing and that you might have yourself :)

I think you'll remember earlier on this year, I made that post with a little video from Periscope and shortly after, I added the possibility to buy custom size lingerie directly from the shop (opposed to on request by email before). Now, I would like to tell you more about in which cases I recommend you shop the custom size range and more generally, help you to have perfectly fitted lingerie!



  • Should you go for custom made instead of the regular sizing?
There are a two different cases that requires you to order your lingerie custom made on my webshop:
1. If you're smaller than my XS or larger than my XL. This is probably the most common case, I cover 5 sizes with my size chart and will add a XXS as well as a XXL very soon (September the latest).
2. If you are between sizes. For example if your waist is 66 cm and your hips 96 cm, you would then be a S for the waist but well in the M for the hips, it is best to go custom made.

  • Why is it best to order the lingerie made to your own measurements in those cases?
I made and graded my patterns to fit the measurements of my size chart meaning that if you need something different from it, those patterns won't fit you properly and I'll make new ones according to your own measurements.
  • Why is custom size more expensive? 
Custom made items are slightly more expensive because they request more time to make since I can't use my usual patterns.
For that reason, it is really rare that the custom made section of the website is included in a sale or promotion so the code 20OFFCUSTOM is a precious chance to treat yourself with lingerie made precisely for you!

  • How long does it take to be made?
Custom made items usually requires about 2 weeks to make. Because of the offer going on, I will have more custom orders than usual and the delay will be a bit longer, but  I have already scheduled time to work on it effectively and it shouldn't take more than 3 weeks.

  • Why some items aren't available custom made?
Some items, like the triangle bras, aren't purchasable custom made because they are not as easily adaptable through a different sizing than the other pieces of lingerie and I'd prefer knowing a bit more about your needs and requests if you would like one of those custom made.



I hope this helps but feel free to let me know if there are more questions I could answer!

Take care until next time <3
- Sacha

Photography: La Fille Renne
Models: Métaux Lourds, Lady Biche
August 23, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes
Tags: Sizing

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