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I'm neglecting this blog idea a bit because I'm still looking for a cure to days of only 24 hours but this post is going to be so filled with cuteness and happiness, no one is tough enough not to forgive me.

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Indeed, I have quite a few behind the scenes pictures of the latest photoshoots to share with you :) We shot two sets of pictures, one of them is made of only new items and was shot by La Fille Renne and modelled by Sabrina Sako. The second one is a selection of items from the new collection and previous ones, Lily Hook was behind the camera and Métaux Lourds her model. Both took place at the owner of Dalai Mama's appartment in Paris at the beginning of October. Cherry on the top: a couple of friends, Emeline and Antoine, joined us to take (a lot) of BTS...

Emeline's Pictures
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Antoine's Pictures
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Much much more pictures have been taken and I'll show you some more in another post, once the new items have been launched :) As you may have understood with those images, we improvised some more pictures, everyone ended up shooting everyone and I even ended up in lingerie myself!
I will put the new collection online tomorrow my time, so stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter if you haven't yet!

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October 25, 2015 by Sacha Kimmes


Nancy Lejeune

Nancy Lejeune said:

Vu au Dan Late show, je suis tombée amoureuse et encore plus en voyant la poésie des photos.
Merci pour tant de beauté.

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