I often observe people being a bit doubtful about this type of design and I understand that indeed, if you're looking for lingerie reduced to its practical aspects, that's not it. But this assumption that as soon as something is a tiny bit out of the norm, it's not going to fit anyone nor match anything... I follow enough lingerie addicts to know that it simple isn't true!
I've made probably some of the last Chelsea harnesses this week and since it has been a while that I want to make a second Mix&Match post, I guess it's now or never :)

I believe you all had a chance to have a look at the Chelsea line which I launched at the beginning of the summer, and see that it already includes two pair of knickers that definitely go with it perfectly: the Chelsea Brief, a high waisted pair of undies, and the Chelsea Ouvert Knickers, a piece of lingerie that just isn't hiding anything. 

However, I think they would go with about any black mesh or jersey bottoms! The fact that you basically only have the frame of the bra makes it somehow versatile. For example, if it is showing enough on its own for you, you can match it with some seemlier looking undies such as the Norma Knickers, but since this bra is definitely an invitation to play, why not accessories it even more and wear it with some suspender brief, like the Ivy Suspender Brief or the currently on sale Lesley Suspender Brief...

On the other hand, the Chelsea Harness was designed with some specific lingerie lovers in mind: those who like anything with openings, cutouts or, let's be a bit fancy and after all it's my language, ouvert... I know a lot of folks out there think there is such thing as a line that when crossed, you become vulgar or something, and usually, crotchless panties are on it so I can only imagine about frame bras+open undies but I for one find ouvert lingerie way too fun, aesthetically pleasing and playful to agree with that!

It is presented on the above picture with the Lust Ouvert Knickers. Should you need something that still offers a bit of covering, these knickers exist in an open back only version: the Lust Open Back Brief.

Take care, kittens!
- Sacha
January 22, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes
Tags: Mix&Match

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