The items from the Camellia and the Daphne ranges can be so easily mixed together to create such graceful sets of lingerie! They actually come from a same collection, About Wallflowers. I decided to keep the best-sellers from that collection longer and later on, I added the Camellia Bralet and the Daphne Ouvert Knickers to make two more complete ranges of underwear.

While the Daphne Crop Top is the only top in the Daphne line, there are many knickers and briefs it can be matched with. Here are a few examples:

Camellia Open Back Brief

Photos credits: Dwam
Daphne Brief
Photos credits: SAMLIVM
The Camellia line has two tops: the Camellia Bralet and the Camellia Triangle Bra. While the triangle bra fits petites perfectly, I usually recommend the bralet for sizes XL and up as its cut covers more.
Daphne Suspender Brief
One of the popular ways to match this triangle bra, is with the Daphne Suspender Brief. I've seen these two together quite often on customers, bloggers and had macthed these myself for the About Wallflowers Lookbook.
Photo credit: Lily Hook

Photos credits: Lost in Lingerie

Photo credits: Fanny Falorni
Photo credits: Venom
Camellia Brief
I love the Camellia Brief because it's so comfy yet really flattering. When we shot it, I matched it with the Camellia Triangle Bra but later on I got lovely pictures from Björn Lexius of it with the bralet...
Photo credits: Fanny Falorni

Photo credits: Björn Lexius

Daphne Ouvert Knickers
I have received those pictures after publish this post but I'm so in love with them, I don't resist to post them! They're showing such a magical combinaison of the Camellia Triangle Bra and the Daphne Ouvert Knickers.

Photo credit: Finch Linden
And you, what's your favourite mix & match to be made with these two ranges? Which ones are your favourite knickers and with what top would match it?
September 14, 2015 by Sacha Kimmes
Tags: Mix&Match

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