As you may have noticed, my website was down for maintenance most of the weekend in order to come back, a few days ago, with a brand new look.


I believe a few new features/changes deserve some attention so here is a list of the things I want to let you know about but please, feel free to use the comments section of this post to ask questions about these or make suggestions or if you have any, to ask a question about how my webshop works!

1. Returns
Just so it's behind, I'm going to start with the only point that might be a bit of downer for some : the website no longer support store credit which means you won't be able to choose between store credit or voucher when you make a return and all returns will be given a voucher.
The main reason is that I really wanted to switch to Shopify and while I think store credit is amazingly handy, truth be told, it was about the only con and I have so little requests for returns...
This doesn't mean you can't return an item any more tho, I know a lot of you are a bit nervous about buying online so I'm willing to keep this option for you. And, just like store credit, vouchers issued for returns can be used on anything, anytime in the whole shop!

2. Buy by Sizes
This is my favorite new feature: from the frontpage, you can now look directly to what's available in your size. The previous ecommerce solution I had wouldn't make it possible and it's a simple thing but so practical! And from the top page of each size selection, you can switch to another size if needed. I'm also thinking of, in the future, extending it to make it possible to browse by one size for tops and another one for bottoms.
Why I think it's so cool is because as an introvert, I shop a lot online and hate to be tempted by things I know wouldn't fit because then I start to be like "But maybe... Maybe one size smaller is ok!" but then I have to tell myself "No, Sacha, the measurements used for one size smaller are... well, they're one size smaller!" So frustrating. So I really believe this will be a plus to help you ordering the right size :) Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably read about me slowly changing the way I produce/manage the lingerie stock and I think such an option is crucial for that type of change as knowing not only which size sells best but also which one is the most looked at will help me meeting your demands.
A last but not least reason this feature is pretty nice: I realized a lot of ladies believe I just don't have their size, when actually, I have plenty in stock for them!
Don't know which size you are for my brand? Check it out here!

3. Featured Collections on Homepage
We can see a selection of collections on the top of a selection of products. Featured products are usually the latest in or the best-sellers and, I'm still thinking it through but I mean to do something a bit funnier for the collections selection: maybe ask one of my models, photographers or, why not, a lingerie blogger or fellow lingerie maker to choose their favourites to be up on the frontpage for a period of time in order to make it entertaining and more participative!

4. Shipping
Standard shipping is no longer calculated by item and free shipping is back for larger orders. The amount you have to spent to get your order delivered for free depends on your location and free shipping is always registered. Read this page to know it all :)
Tip: Because teamwork is always cool, you can make a group order with one or some of your friends to reach the minimum amount and save on the shipping costs!


5. Back in Stock
A last new very useful feature for you, kittens: when an item is out of stock, you can enter your email address so I can let you know when it's back and you don't miss it next time it's available. Don't forget I run this business on my own, stock is limited to be exclusive and lingerie isn't made in minutes so don't be disappointed if your favorite items are not back straight away ;)

That's all I see I should let you know about for the time being but as I said earlier, the commets section is all yours!


PS: Yes, this blog will be an excuse to post gifs. Especially J-Law ones.

August 20, 2015 by Sacha Kimmes

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