How great to finally be able to show you one of my collections for this summer! Named La Sylphide in reference to the classical ballet created in 1832 by Filippo Taglioni for his daughter, it is full of skirts, straps, lace and golden details.


The main character is inspired by a mythological spirit of the air and to recreate the impression of flying, Marie Taglioni put on pointe shoes for the entire representation and while dancers are believed to have been using pointes for about a decade, a complete representation with them is commonly considered a premiere. She also introduced the romantic tutu by which nowadays tutus are still influenced.


Marie Taglioni by Alfred Edward Chalon

The lace used for this collection is slightly off-white and all the designs are finished by black details while the rings, hooks and sliders are in golden metal. I could only get a limited amount of this fabric and all the pieces are somehow limited.

The pictures were shot by Trish Vee and the amazing model is Jessa Jordan You can check out the full lookbook here or shop the collection there and as usual, all the pieces are handmade by myself. You can also order this collection made to your own measurement for a small additional fee covering the extra time it takes to make a custom pattern.

I would like to finish by thanking you all so much for all the support I got for this collection on social medias, you are a bunch of adorable beings <3
May 29, 2016 by Sacha Kimmes
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